Ayden Longcastle

Main Character of first 3 books (1-3). Main supporting character of second 3 books (4-6). Main antagonist of last 3 books (7-9)


Hair: Red
Eyes: Green
Skin: White
Age: 20
height: 5’7"
weight: 145lbs
Name meaning: Little fiery one. I chose this name because it feels like it fits her personality. It is both a boy and girl name.
Other Physical Details: Large scar on her back from an ax wound. Tattoo of a hummingbird on her left shoulder. Tone and muscular body.


Ayden was born the 15th day of march 3042 during the 12th year of King Neil Longcastle‘s rule. Ayden was born to King Neil and Queen Maeve Longcastle, and is their second and youngest child. Ayden’s older brother, Murphy Longcastle, died on her 20th birthday, and thus leaving Ayden to inherit the throne of the Eirnin Nation. Becoming the heir to the throne made Ayden a larger political target then she already was. So much so that she was kidnapped just 6 months after her brothers death, and held for a large ransom. unfortunately for Ayden The kidnappers had their way with her before King Neil and his men could find her. After the attack Ayden wanted to train to defend herself, but her father refused her request. He tells her that the skill is not fit for a queen. Ayden does not like this answer and decides to run away. She goes in search of a legendary swordsman, who fought in The Last Great War, known as The Dancing Swordsman. She leaves with the help of her scholar, Dalbhach Scully.

Ayden Longcastle

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