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What is The Illegitimate Saga?

The continent of Ollmhóra is at a period in time, at which the beginning of it’s industrial revolution has already started. The world has begun to change due to ever advancing technology. It continues to populate the world with more and more spectacular inventions, and with magic only speeding up the advancement the 7 Nations of Ollmhóra fight for supremacy.

The 7 Nations of Ollmhóra not only have to deal with their economies, people, and other politics, but war as well. The 7 nations have waged war against each other before, and some so massive the nations created an outside force to help govern themselves and prevent war. The organization came to be known as The Ambassadors.

On top of all the politics the world is also still plagued by ancient magical forces booth good and evil, and unannounced to the people some of the nations’ leaders want to cause the largest war ever fought on the continent to help free an ancient evil. The leaders planned for a long time, and have moved the chess pieces well. Using their available resources, such as religion and government pawns, they plan to strike soon. Thus causing their Illegitimate War

What you have found:

My name is Vincent Garrett II and The Illegitimate Saga is actually a 9 part book series I am currently working on. Being that it is a series with 9 novels I realized that I would need an easy way to organize and store my thoughts. I’m a stickler for continuity errors, and figured that the format of Obsidian Portal would be the perfect way to organize them. I’m sorry if it isn’t what you were looking for. I do have plenty of plans for this series, and to say A DnD or Pathfinders campaign wont be in the works is a lie.

The Illegitimate Saga