• Ayden Longcastle

    Ayden Longcastle

    Main Character of first 3 books (1-3). Main supporting character of second 3 books (4-6). Main antagonist of last 3 books (7-9)
  • Dalbhach Scully

    Dalbhach Scully

    Master sorcerer and teacher to Ayden Longcastle.
  • Maeve Longcastle

    Maeve Longcastle

    Ayden Longcastle's Mother
  • Murphy Longcastle

    Murphy Longcastle

    Ayden Longcastle's Brother
  • Neil Longcastle

    Neil Longcastle

    Ayden Longcastle's father, and main antagonist for second 3 books (4-6)
  • Thorton Callan

    Thorton Callan

    Ayden Longcastle's master's helper. He is a large man with great battle prowess, but loves to cook