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  • Macrocosm

    *_Macrocosm_* (mac-ruh-koz-uhm)- The total or entire complex structure of something. Macrocosm is the word I have decided to use for the title and description of The Illigitimate Saga's collection of information. When trying to find a name for the …

  • Words of Interest

    Sometimes picking the right word to describe something can be the most excruciating thing one has ever done. It is to me the true essence of writers block. h2. Collection of Interesting Words * [[Macrocosm]]

  • Religion

    A plethora of religions can be found in [[Ollmh├│ra]]. This is due to the multitude of civilized races found on the continent. Even with all the different religions and cultures the human's pantheon is by far the largest and most accepted through out the …

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