The Ambassadors were born out of Ollmhóra’s inability to prevent war. The cultures of the land were just to different, and thus tensions would rise and wars would start. Knowing that their differences made it difficult to compromise The 7 Nations of Ollmhóra agreed to create the Ambassadors.

At least that’s what they told the people. In all reality The Ambassadors were created by The Counsel of Seacht, and was to be used to create an easily smashed hope for the people and an easily implemented big brother once the counsel’s plans reach fruition.

Only problem for the counsel is what the Ambassadors have grown into. The false ideologies they stuck in place took root in some of the Ambassador’s heads, and thus allowed the Ambassadors to follow it’s false reason for creation. The Ambassadors have been a thorn in the side of the counsel ever since, but the counsel waits patiently already knowing what their next move is.

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