Eirnin Nation

Eirnin Nation (air-nen)- is the largest, by population, of the 7 nations, and it is also the most powerful. Its central location on the continent of Ollmhóra makes the Eirnin Nation a large trade hub for the rest of the nations. Being the continents main producer of precocious metals, other resources, and its central location makes the Eirnin Nation the richest nation as well. The nations wealth however, attracts a lot of unwanted attention from bandits and raiding parties. These unwanted parties have led to the development of a massive army, and great defensies. The culmination of these efforts can truly be seen in the nation’s capital, [[Mt. Eirnin]]. With its vast wealth and powerful army it’s no wonder that the Eirnin Nation is the strongest of the 7 nations.

Nation’s Information

Side Notes

  • Eirnin is a version of the Irish word for Iron.
  • Eirnin is also the name of my dog.
  • I do not know if the pronunciation is right for this spelling, but it is right for one of the spellings. As for which one, that I do not know.

Eirnin Nation

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